Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Review: Pulp Fruit Pouches.

Pulp: The easy way to eat fruit. But what is the hard way...?

The premise of Pulp fruit pouches is that they are an easy way to get one of your five a day. Aimed at busy people who are ‘always on the go’ the pouches of pureed fruit contain fewer than 80 calories each and come in three varieties: banana, mango and passion fruit, apple strawberry and blueberry and banana, strawberry and raspberry.

Personally I’ve never found it too difficult or time consuming to eat a piece of fruit. By their very nature, most fruits involve minimal preparation and are usually a self-contained snack in themselves, so I’m a bit lost as to why I would need a company to blend fruit in to a baby-food consistency so that I can suck it out of a pouch instead of eating the whole fruit.

As a snack in themselves, the Pulp pouches are neither satisfying nor particularly pleasing, having a pappy consistency. Having said that, stirred into yoghurt or porridge, they are much better, providing a quick and easy way of pepping up breakfast. Used in place of a compote or jam in this way, the pouches offer you a simple way of squeezing a portion of fruit into your diet whilst also reducing the amount of sugar you consume. Pulp pouches contain no added water or fruit juices, so you know that you’re getting nothing but the fruit which is a benefit over many similar smoothie-like products.

The pouches would be perfect for children’s lunch boxes; they are a good hand-size for kids and have a non-messy spout top for little mouths. I’d say that children are probably the only demographic for whom eating a piece of fruit as opposed to a fruity puree is a problem.

Priced at £1.29 each and available from Ocado, Harvey Nichols, Wholefoods and selected sandwich / deli stores.

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