Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Review: Divine Butterscotch Chocolate.

The latest addition to the Fairtrade chocolate company’s range is a rich and delicious butterscotch studded milk chocolate bar, just in time for Fairtrade fortnight. Co-owned by the cocoa farmers, Divine is a company that likes to give back, so you can enjoy their indulgent treats and feel good about yourself at the same time.

The snack-sized chunky bar is a great combination of smooth milk chocolate and crunchy nuggets of butterscotch toffee which create a delicious burnt caramel after-taste. I can barely tell you any more than that, as it’s so tasty that I ate it embarrassingly quickly and then wondered what I would write about. Chocolate purists may rail against the crunchy butterscotch additions which compromise the smooth chocolate texture, but I’m delighted that two of my favourite flavours have finally come together in beautiful chocolaty harmony.

Divine chocolate is created from Ghanaian cocoa beans which are slowly fermented and dried in the sun to produce the most authentic chocolate flavour. Divine is also the only Fairtrade chocolate company which is 45% owned by the farmers themselves, meaning a share in the profits, improved financial stability for cocoa-growing communities, and a voice within the cocoa industry.

These are treats for the ethically minded chocolate aficionado who wants to make sure that their indulgences are of the highest quality, without compromising their values. They are also ideal for anyone who, like me, is just really greedy with chocolate.
Priced at 80p per bar and available from Wholefoods Market, Fresh & Wild, Oxfam and online from www.divinechocolateshop.com

Originally published at The Culinary Guide.

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