Tuesday, 9 March 2010

New Recipe Book

Yesterday I got home from work to find a lovely Amazon parcel of joy on my doorstep. My copy of Gizzi's Kitchen Magic had arrived so I made a cup of tea and settled down to read it all.

Gizzi is a terribly glamorous cook who you may know from Cook Yourself Thin and her new book is packed with lots of yum recipes which I can't wait to try out (luckily there is hardly any chat about staying thin in this book, which is good as I don't hold much truck with skinny food, as evidenced by my hips.) There are also trendy tattoo-style graphics on every page and little golden sprinkles printed about the place, which I can only assume are particles of 'kitchen magic.' In all it's a very attractive book.

However graphics and recipes aside, what's most exciting for me about Gizzi's book, is the tips and tricks section at the beginning of each chapter. As previous blog posts show, I lack a certain finesse in the kitchen, though I make up for it in boundless puppy-like enthusiasm, so these sections on everything from making pasta to which pans you really ought to have will be super-handy for me. Some more experienced cooks may find it patronising, but I know I'll be referring back to this book time after time when I'm unsure about pastry-making or meringues or any of the myriad other things which I cock up in the kitchen. Gizzi seems to be a sort of rock n' roll Delia.

I'm already thinking up reasons to make the Earl Grey Chocolate Fudge Cake and the impossibly calorific Bailey's Chocolate Croissant Bread and Butter Pudding, so watch this space.

Gizzi's Kitchen Magic is available for £20 from the usual places. Check her website for more information.

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