Monday, 15 March 2010


My friend Naomi and I decided that now we are grown ups, it's about time we started having brunch on Saturdays. Because that's what grown ups do, isn't it? Sadly, I've still got a way to go, as I got a bit over-refreshed on Friday night after the ballet (started off so positively, descended into martini-madness by 1am) so I slept through brunch and had to shamefacedly call Naomi to make my excuses and reschedule brunch to lunch. One day I will master the art of just drinking a little bit, not so much that I stumble/slur/forget to take my clothes off before bed/sleep through appointments. One day, but not today.

So lunch it was, with Ceilidh in tow we took the train to Waterloo. I discovered that I can use my oyster card on the train that isn't the underground train. Did you know that? I've learnt so much this weekend, I should really spend more time with Miss Jones. The eternally wise Miss Jones had also chosen Canteen as the venue of our brunch/lunch and what an excellent choice it was.

For someone who was feeling a tiny bit delicate from the overindulgences of the previous evening, the responsibly sourced nursery food served by organically grown waitresses who look like they enjoy reading poetry and walking the cliffs in their spare time, was just what the Dr. ordered. I had chicken and chips with a little green salad on the side. There isn't much to say about chicken and chips, except that this was really very good chicken, crispy and salty on the outside and sticky and meaty on the inside and pretty passable chips (one or two soggies). I had a little dish of garlic mayonnaise on the side, which is one of my most favourite things in the world to eat with both chickens and chips. So that was good. My salad was, in my opinion overpriced at £3.50 for a saucer of leaves, but the same could be said of all of Canteen's dishes. Some may baulk at paying proper restaurant prices for food that your mum makes. But really, that's the point of Canteen, they cook food that feels like a hug, but in quite shiny surroundings so you remember you're in a restaurant and not your mum's house.

I want to go back to Canteen lots of times for comforting food and charming service. They serve breakfast all day too, so really we could still have had brunch, but we wanted wine, so it's more proper to call it lunch. You can drink more with lunch.

Royal Festival Hall
Belvedere Rd
0845 686 1122


  1. I just got the Canteen cookbook and am going to try it out tonight to see if I can make food like your mum makes at home!

  2. How is it? I was thinking of buying it, but then realised I could probably just ask my mum how she does things!