Friday, 16 April 2010

Scandinavian Kitchen

Today Polly and I went to visit the Scandinavian Kitchen for an exciting sounding 'smorgasbord' of lunchtime delights. There was a very huffy and irritable man making a fuss about waiting all of 40 seconds for potato salad, I wished he would shut up and stop being such a twat. Just wait your turn, the food will arrive, and really, how hungry can you realistically be? The service was actually very brisk and polite, so obviously he was just unstable on some deep psychological level.

I went for potato salad with red onions and chives, a roast beef open sandwich and what I thought was a ham wrap, but was in fact salmon, which I don't like. Polly had a meatball open sandwich with beetroot salad and a ham and cheese wedge. I was jealous of Polly's lunch, mainly  because it featured more meat and was a bit more substantial and I am greedy. My beef open sandwich was served on dense rye bread and topped with mustard mayonnaise and some sort of crunchy scatterings, which I cannot identify, but which were pretty nice. Pickles too, which I must eat more of in light of how much I like them. Polly was impressed by the cutlery, which was not only substantial, unlike the terrible brittle offerings from so many other lunchtime haunts, but biodegradable. Good work.
The Scandinavian Kitchen is lovely, I think next time I will eat in (instead of on a bird poo-spattered bench on the ugliest street in London) and I will definitely have a slice of LOVE cake (Their capitalisation, not mine) which is a chocolate sponge topped with gooey chocolate and coconut. You can also buy Scandi food in their deli/shop at the back, so there's no earthly need to ever go to Ikea again. Hooray!

The Scandinavian Kitchen
51 Great Tichfield

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  1. Hello Becca
    Thanks for the nice comments.
    See you soon for Love Cake.

    Bronte and the rest of the Kitchen People x