Saturday, 17 April 2010

Friday cake

I met a friend after work yesterday for a slice of cake. I thought this very civilised, as usually I would meet her for a drink. After sharing a slice of Mrs Marengo's white chocolate and pistachio cake, we did indeed revert to form and hit the next door pub for a vodka and tonic or three. You can't fight who you are.

Mrs Marengo's is a vegetarian cafe and cake shop, but as a committed and evangelical meat eater I can say that you shouldn't let that put you off. The interior doesn't have even a sniff of the hemp and hair shirt about it, with pretty pink tables and piles of Willy Wonka meringues in the window. Our cheesecake was excellent, though more cakey than cheesecakey. I sort of wished I wasn't sharing.

Mrs Marengo's
53 Lexington St
London W1F 9AN
020 7287 2544

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