Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Leon Dinner Menu Launch

Henry Dimbleby is, as reports suggest, a very generous host. Last night I enjoyed a jolly good feed at the Ludgate Circus branch of his Leon chain, a pretty decent splash of wine, and a brownie to take home with me. It was like going for dinner at your mate's house, when they've anxiously cooked too much and wrap it up in tin foil for you to take home and leave in the fridge for 3 days then chuck away. By which I mean very welcoming and warm.

Highlights were the lamb and beef meatballs in tomato sauce, a mild vegetable curry and sweet potato mash, which was almost enough to make you give up 'real' potatoes. I could eat chorizo until my arteries furred up, so I was pleased to be presented with a board of the stuff and gaily chomped slightly more than my fair share. Apologies fellow diners. The dishes were diverse in their origin but worked well together, so you could merrily order from around the globe safe in the knowledge that it won't end up in a terrible cross-cultural disaster on your plate. Phew.

Lovely, all. However the best thing about the evening by far was the banana split. Yes, a banana split, the kitsch childhood desert of choice is making a return to polite society, and I'm bloody glad of it. I last ordered a banana split on holiday in Spain when I was 14 years old. Until last night I thought that this was the only acceptable location and indeed age ceiling for guilt-free banana split consumption. To order one at twenty four and under the grey skies of London would be embarrassing; the sort of thing a maiden aunt would order on her birthday trip to the Harvester.

Leon's banana split is, of course free range and organic and whatnot, but it's also delicious. Three scoops of ice cream is the future, I refuse to accept anything less after my dinner. Two scoops of milky vanilla and one of strawberry that tasted like seaside holidays, a banana (of course) and proper squirty cream topped with almonds and for everyone on my table but me, salted caramel sauce combined to make a banana split that your maiden aunt would approve of, but wouldn't embarrass your trendy friends, as long as you told them it was ironic.
(Apologies again for the appalling quality of the photos, I really need to up my game.)

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