Wednesday, 20 January 2010

This Mad Lot...

Above is an article which appeared in That's Life Magazine, beloved of middle-aged and middle-of-the-road mums and grannies the nation over. This is the first and only time that you will see Ed Banger Records and That's Life in the same sentence.

A colleague at work told me that his friend who works for the magazine needed photos of girls having fun for a series of features called 'My Best Night Out Ever' and they would pay £50. I like £50 so I sent some photos in. They chose me, ME and my friends attending a dirty RAVE in nasty ELEPHANT AND CASTLE to sit in their pages amongst The Man With No Face and Thrifty Household Tips. I fear we stood out, even without neon yellow party hats...

I doubt the readers really understood why Ed Banger's 6.5 birthday rave was the best night ever, so the journalist responsible imagined a quote by me saying that the night was so special because we were all together (since leaving university it's apparently been hard to see each other - even though none of us attended university together) and friendship is what matters in the end. I never said this, nor do I live in Brixton. Fact checking fail.

Still, it's pretty hilarious if only for the lack of hard facts and incongruous appearance of French electro music in a granny-mag. I'm framing it for my toilet wall, and spending the £50 on tickets to Edbanger's next party.

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