Saturday, 30 January 2010

Portobello Ristorante Pizzeria.

Having read some pretty good reviews of Portobello Pizzeria I took advantage of a friend's working in Kensington to suggest a Friday night meal there. The reviews are all correct, it really is impeccable pizza. Ordered by the half metre, the pizzas arrive on boards which are suspended above the table on a little stand which is quite cute. Very very crisp on the outside and chewy and yeasty in the middle, it was a great pizza. Toppings of home made sausage score top marks, as does the tomato base which was sweet and meaty. The waiting staff are very attentive and sweet but not overwhelming or obsequious.

However good the pizza was, it's just that. A really good pizza. It's nothing to get worked up about, and really having to eat surrounded by the imbeciles who walk the streets of West London diminished the dining experience rather, as did some chewy and greasy fritti misti ordered as a starter.
Although this place has the advantage of substantial seating and a reservations system over its equally lauded south London brother Franco Manca, I will be staying South for my authenitc pizzas in future, if only to avoid the honking morons of Notting Hill. After all, it's only pizza.

7 Ladbroke Road
London W11 3PA
020 7221 1373

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