Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Panto and a lucky escape.

This weekend I went to Worthing to see the panto. The panto itself is worth mention, including as it did Cheryl Cole's 'Fight For This Love,' a trippy under-the-sea sequence featuring disembodied neon sea creatures, and a gorilla costume from the pound shop. All very Mighty Boosh, but not knowingly. Wimbledon it was not. Instead of Pammie we had an ex-corrie 'star' playing Robinson Crusoe (I was confused as to how they would turn this harrowing tale of desert island life into a pantomime too, but they managed it.) But it was all in good fun, and I left feeling pretty festive.

My feelings of festivity faded when my mum said we'd be having dinner in Pizza Express. I don't mind PE, but I can think of about 15 places I'd rather eat, and that's just in Worthing, not noted for its culinary panoply. I'm just always a little bit disappointed by whatever I order, it's always a little bit insipid or underplayed, it always feels a bit cynical and grasping.

Sadly it was fully booked out for a children's party, so we went literally two doors down and found a lovely family-run Italian restaurant where 7 of us gorged on platefuls of nosh, two bottles of wine and gallons of brandy (and an icecream for the child) for little under £20 a head. I had pollo alla rustica from the specials menu which was a massive piece of chicken blanketed in dolce latte and pancetta. Served with garlic potatoes and mixed vegetables, it made a very pleasing meal.

Sadly I cannot remember the name of the place, but if you happen to be in Worthing, then go to Pizza Express, turn left and head to this place. Oh and Louise from Hollyoaks was in there too, which may please any teenage boys in your party.

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