Monday, 23 November 2009

Graphic FAIL

I was pleased to be invited to an evening of cocktails and canapés at Graphic on Golden Square last Tuesday, since those are two of my most favourite things. The invitation said 6pm-late, so I gathered up a few friends and turned up at around 6:45pm to this 'limited' and invitation only event.

We were thrown when there was nobody on the door taking names, more so when we shuffled through the bar and had to ASK whether there was an event even happening. We were told that someone would come over, a lady appeared and offered us a drink. There was no space to sit, and no canapés to speak of. I think one of my friends might have had a cod goujon. I had nothing.

We asked if there were any more promotional drinks available, only to be informed that no, they had run out of gin. Graphic claims to have the biggest selection of gin in the UK, and markets itself as a gin bar. I could see gin behind the bar. They just wouldn't give it to us. We left. PR fail. Graphic went from being a bar that I was keen to make my regular post-work haunt, to somewhere that I would be very reluctant to return to.

It's a shame, because it looks like a nice bar, good décor and seemingly good cocktails (need to try a dry martini in there before making a decision) some of which are served in a paint tin. Trendy. But they are disorganised, and I don't have time for bars that can't get their act together enough to bring you a few cocktails and put some mini burgers on the tables. Poor show.

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