Monday, 23 November 2009

Lovely Ballet

On Saturday I went to the ballet with my Mum for her birthday. Even with a hangover gained from drinking illegal quantities of Wray and Nephews and on just 2 paltry hours of sleep it was the best 3 hours of the last 6 months. Sparkly dresses, sculpted bottoms, men in suits and ladies in chic black dresses playing Tchaikovsky's magical score added up to a memorable experience for me, and hopefully for my Mum.

The Sleeping Beauty, first performed in 1890 in St. Petersburg was an 'example of Russian Imperial style at it's zenith' and the lavish sets and opulent costumes designed by Oliver Messel for the 1946 performance remain breathtaking to this day. Twirling like a phantasmagoria of sherbet sweeties, the fairies in the prologue contrast with the vampish Carabosse who arrives with an army of mice to cast her evil spell on the Princess Aurora. Maybe it's because it's nearly Christmas (yay!) but the ballet seemed to have a touch of the pantomime about it, with audience members booing and hissing at the evil fairy, which I have to say I guiltily enjoyed.

Sarah Lamb and Ivan Putrov were charming as the Prince and Princess, perfectly evoking the fairytale atmosphere and the tentative nature of first love. The supporting dancers brought massive exhuberance to the christening and wedding scenes, particularly Hikaru Kobayashi as The Blue Bird.

Watch a trailer here.

Everybody should go to the ballet at Christmas, it's pure joy.

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