Thursday, 29 October 2009

Viet Baguette

Further adventures in the lunch hour have thrown up Viet Baguette off Goodge St on Charlotte Place. On the recommendation of my Asian food-obsessed boss, a colleague and I took a stroll down Charlotte St to check out this new lunch option.

I'm always excited to find a new place to cheer up the relentless monotony of my working day, and Viet-Baguette is perfect. My pork and pate baguette ticked the meat craving box, as well as the yen for a little spice of a Thursday afternoon.

The teeny shop does a roaring trade in Banh Mi - Vietnamese street food which combines the French ingredients of the colonialists with the indigenous specialities of the Vietnamese people. Pickled carrots, mooli, coriander, spring onion, mayo, chilli sauce and a salty seasoning combined with char sui pork and a liver and cognac pate made a very satisfying lunch time treat. My boss had the caramel chicken and marked it 7/10 and not spicy enough for his tastes. I'd be willing to bet that they'd put some extra chilli in your order for you if you asked though, the staff are very helpful, though charmingly under-prepared for their sudden popularity (the queue was 30 minutes.)

Viet Baguette has weekly changing specialities, and are keen to hear from banh-mi enthusiasts with suggestions for their menu (which includes Laughing Cow.)

They're open from 12pm-4pm, I'd suggest arriving at 12pm on the dot to avoid the queue that all but the most dedicated of baguette fans would abandon on sight. Priced from £3.70-£5.00

Viet Baguette
14 Charlotte Place
London W1T 1SW

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