Thursday, 29 October 2009

Rubicon Watermelon

As a regular and enthusiastic drinker of the Rubicon range of juices, I was perhaps a little too excited about the new addition to the range; Rubicon Watermelon. Like a child at Christmas I ran to greet the courier when he brought my delivery, I could hardly contain myself, and was eager to down a glass immediately, if not sooner.

However, I was just about to leave for a trip to Paris. Unconcerned, I packed a carton into my luggage and whisked it across the Channel.

My first taste of Rubicon Watermelon was mixed in a rather lovely watermelon martini, which went down extremely well with the girls before a night in the bars of Bastille. This is not a manly drink; the glowing pink hue and intensely sweet flavour were the perfect foil to ice-cold vodka, and looked very pretty poured into a tiny martini glass. A wedge of lime or a splash of grapefruit juice to cut the sugary hit of the watermelon juice would have taken an already very palatable cocktail into the realms of perfection.

I have since enjoyed the drink sans alcohol, and it ticks all the boxes for a very successful sunshine drink. Served very cold, the juice is a perfect summer refresher, and sits alongside its exotic label mates perfectly. Rubicon Watermelon would make a tropical refresher mixed with Pomegranate Juice and mint, or added to soda water, crushed cucumber and ice for a grown up alcohol-free cocktail.

Rubicon Watermelon also contains lycopene and vitamins C and B6 meaning that it is not only delicious, but healthy too (without the vodka presumably!)

Like other juices in the Rubicon range, Watermelon errs on the side of psychedelic sweetness, but that only makes me love it all the more.

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