Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tracklements Roasted Cherry Tomato Relish

I was sent a jar of Tracklements cheery Cherry Tomato Relish to try, and the good news is I thought it was great!

They recommend making little crostini spread with the tart relish and topped with goat’s cheese which I think would be a great dinner party canapĂ©, and no work at all to put together.

After some exhaustive testing (such a hard life!) I can report the following: it’s good with cheese (obviously), it's tasty on burgers (naturellement) but also good spooned onto a piece of fish and grilled, or served alongside cold meats.

The relish is packed full of sweet cherry tomatoes, flavoured with onions, coriander and thyme with a hint of garlic. It is a must at any BBQ and jazzes up a dusty old pasty or drab sandwich lunch a treat.

This versatile condiment from the rising stars of  the jam, jelly, mustard and chutney world will find a place on the plates of even the most exacting of consumers.

Tracklement's dedication to creating natural products in small batches really shines through in the quality of their produce, which is available via stockists to be found on their website.

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