Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Just a note on Scotch eggs

I went to The Hollybush in Hampstead last night, previously a student haunt of mine, though in those days I took my own gin as it's pretty pricey in that neck of the woods.

I had a scotch egg on the recommendation of a work colleague, and it really was exemplary. Well seasoned meat encasing an egg with the holy grail; a runny yolk! Crispy breadcrumbs completed the picture. Seldom do I feel such joy as when I find a runny yolk in a scotch egg.

Mine was served with an over-sweet onion chutney, which didn't go very well - a nice bit of sharp piccalilly would have been better, but my colleague assures me that this was the case when she visited, so maybe they'd just run out or something.

At £4 the scotch eggs are not cheap, but this is Hampstead after all, and at least I can afford the gin in my gin and tonics nowadays.

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