Monday, 7 June 2010

Mrs Paisley's Lashings

Mrs Paisley’s Lashings at Holmwood House.
Elegant dining with a conscience.
Jo Wood and Arthur Potts Dawson have returned with characteristic flair for another seasonal Mrs Paisley’s Lashings hosted at Jo’s stunning Kingston home; Holmwood House. Arthur’s eco-friendly and sustainable approach to restaurant dining coupled with Jo’s dedication to bespoke producers and local produce create a truly unique pop-up dining experience. The series of events are sponsored by Hendricks Gin, the three little words that every girl dreams of hearing.
The idiosyncratic organic gin infused with rose and cucumber was used to great effect to create a range of summery cocktails such as the Holmwood Punch and also the Mrs Paisley’s Mojito, which also include fresh herbs from the Holmwood garden and honey from Jo’s own bees. Working my way through the carefully crafted menu I was thoroughly convinced of the fact that Hendrick’s will be featuring heavily in my summer drinking plans.
Six courses of organic delights including summer vegetable risotto, Bayonne ham and beetroot salad, spring chicken with garden greens and a lemon tart left me groaning but thoroughly convinced of Jo and Arthur’s opinion that local, organic and seasonal can still be delicious and glamorous.

Profits raised from Mrs. Paisleys Lashings will be ploughed back into creating Mrs. Paisleys Gardens in schools across the UK.  Jo and Arthur are helping set up small vegetable patches in inner city schools to teach younger generations about the importance of growing your own and the benefits of eating good organic food.

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