Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Following the crushing defeat at the hands of the Germans on Sunday, my friends and I sought to smother our misery in a pillow of food. Obviously nothing even slightly Germanic could be countenanced, so we used a handy-dandy i-phone app (how modern!) to find a nearby restaurant meeting our requirements of 'cheap' and 'not German.'

We came up with Amazonica, which is a Columbian restaurant on Brixton Road. How novel! We exclaimed as we walked down the street, reminiscing fondly on the Cuban feast we enjoyed so rapturously in New York. How delicious! We squealed as we read the menu outside, deciding in our minds between crispy belly pork with red beans and steamed tamal. How quaint! We rhapsodised as we entered the wood panelled interior, complete with jazzy dance floor out back.

How thoughtless, we winced when we noticed the "highlights" of the afternoon's sporting debacle playing on a loop, showing on a television at the back of the restaurant. How rude! We growled when they refused to turn even the sound off when we asked them to, tears in our eyes. They then proceeded to LAUGH at us, for being upset about the sporting failings of our nation.

Frankly the food is irrelevant when the customer service is this poor. We were made to feel as though we were imposing upon them for daring to order food and spend money in their establishment. Perhaps I'm being naive, but I thought that the customer was always right, if I ask a restaurant in which I am spending money to turn the television off, I expect them to do so. To play something repeatedly which is clearly upsetting your guests, is very strange indeed. To laugh at them is rude.

Who has a television in a restaurant anyway?

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