Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Barely remembered Barrica

I went to Barrica a few Fridays ago to celebrate the beginning of my holiday. I should have written about it straight away but I had to pack in a mad hurry and get myself to the airport as, true to form I had failed to prepare, and therefore prepared to fail. Also I had a couple of bottles of wine afterwards, so my memories are a bit hazy. Just for a change. It must be such a comfort to you that I'm giving such accurate and considered feedback on these places, else however would you know where to eat?
I remember that the dishes were all delicious and a far cry from the horrible greasy uniform tapas that you get so much in London. Each plate was a different pop of flavour and the dining room is bright and airy, though we sat in the front next to the big windows facing the street as it was a sunny evening and it helped us to feel very European. Chicory with blue cheese and almonds, and baby squid with red onions were stand outs for us, but we were disappointed not to see marrow bone on the menu.

The staff are charming and very helpful, overall it is a very good place for some dinner, though don't go if you're starving, or it'll cost you a small fortune to fill your belly. I'd recommend going after work to sip sherry at the bar and dipping into a few tasty morsels to stop you falling over with drunkenness rather than for a slap up meal. Unless you are rich that is, in which case, fill your boots.

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